About Us

Tianjin Jukun Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that manufactures and sells metal packaging materials such as cold-rolled thin steel strip and tinplate. Founded in August 2005, the registered capital is 100 million yuan, covering an area of 50 acres. It is located in Yuelong Town Industrial Zone, Ninghe County, Tianjin, 80 kilometers away from Tianjin Port, 20 kilometers away from Jingha Expressway, 15 kilometers away from Tangshan Outer Ring and 2 kilometers away from Tanglang Expressway. The transportation is convenient.


The company mainly produces cold-rolled thin steel strip, tin-plated sheet, chrome-plated sheet, thickness 0.12 mm~1.00mm, width 600 mm~1050mm, hardness T-2~DR-9, tin plating amount 1.1/1.1 g/m2, 2.8/ 2.8 g / m2, 2.8 / 5.6g / m2. The products are mainly used in tin cans, barrels and caps. They are widely used in metal packaging such as food, beverage, tea, nutrient packaging and grease drums, chemical barrels, household appliances, and electronic products. Now we have 3 sets of 800-type, 850-type and 1150-type 6-roll reversible rolling mills, 2 sets of leveling machines, 1 leveling machine, degreasing machine and slitting machine, 16 sets of hood bright annealing furnace and CNC grinding machine. . Through the continuous updating and upgrading of the equipment, the automation degree of the equipment is improved, and the environmental protection and energy saving are also ensured while ensuring the high technical level. The company has the procedures for approval and acceptance of environmental impact assessment, the noise emission is up to standard, the wastewater treatment equipment is fully equipped, and the treatment process is in compliance with environmental protection regulations.